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The Bushplane Outclimbing The Rest

The BushCat.

Built from tough climates

Designed in the African bush, the BushCat is a Kit Built Light Sport Aircraft made to withstand the toughest climates, access the normally inaccessible, and be comfortable yet still low cost and simplistic.

The BushCat was built to serve bush pilots where light sport aircraft could not go.

The aeroplane is tougher than any other in its class, and able to withstand the might of the veld and tundra, used by conservation missions all over Africa, due to it’s 80m landing roll, 7hr endurance & it’s low cost.

Fast build, small cost

The aircraft is extremely comfortable with the widest cabin in its class and loads headroom, suitable for all sizes of pilots.

​The structure of the aircraft is made from aluminium tubes bolted together via stainless steel brackets. It’s simple, resulting in a product with a high strength per cost ratio. In the event of damage, the customer can replace the just parts which have been damaged, even in the field.

Build time is normally under 300 hrs.

Powered reliably.

The BushCat is powered by the Austrian designed Rotax 912 ULS engine. This engine has become one of the leading engines in today’s light sport market, and it’s reputation precedes itself. The 912ULS is a normally aspirated, horizontally opposed, four-cylinder engine. More information may be found on the manufacturers website by clicking here.